Dirty Dryer Vent​ 

a division of Clean-Exteriors

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repair

Serving NH, MA & Southern ME

Dirty Dryer Vent is a division of Clean-Exteriors, LLC

Dirty Dryer Vent technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect, clean and repair your dryer vent system. Whenever we perform dryer vent service we start with an internal video inspection of the dryer duct. This allows us to see first hand how effective the system is functioning. It also tells us whether or not it needs to be cleaned. If the system is free and clear of lint and debris it is documented as such and the customer is only charged for the inspection. We don't believe in performing or billing for unnecessary services. If the inspection does indicate that cleaning is warranted then the inspection cost is simply part of the cleaning cost. We are able to perform these services from the inside out or the outside in. Both are extremely effective but use different cleaning techniques. In these uncertain times most customers are opting for outside in as it limits person to person contact.